October 2020

What a strange time for us all during the COVID Pandemic. During this time I graduated from University with no ceremony and decided to take up riding full time.
I have started my own barn at my parents home and developed the facilities to the benefit of my horses.
I now ride many clients horses and compete them at dressage occasionally even though they are from other disciplines.
I have broken my first Horse a 3 year old KWPN out of Blue Hors Romanov and she continues to be a star.
I sold my 6 year old Joey who was a perfect horse to enable my business to start.
At the same time Kaja had another foal a filly out of Floriscount and she moves in a spectacular way so I am excited for her future.
During enforced lock down I completed my training of Ted to Grand Prix and look forward to an international at U25 level next year if I can qualify.

March 2019

I am now in my second year of studying Psychology at University of Nottingham whilst having Ted on DIY livery in Nottingham with me! We've been training monthly with Carl Hester MBE and we are progressing through the levels towards our aim of competing at Grand Prix!

So far, we have competed for Great Britain U21 at Hickstead CDI last season with top 10 placings every day but now I am no longer in the age category our aims are to compete for Great Britain at Senior Small Tour this season whilst training at home towards U25 Grand Prix.

Ted is a loveable character who tries so hard for me every day and I love working with him and since being at University and being on DIY livery, our bond together has become so much stronger and I'm very excited for the future we have together!

Kaja has one foal on the ground now by LG Denver and we are putting her to Floriscount this year who is my favourite dressage stallion of all time for her last foal so I can't wait for the birth of that foal!!

October 2016

This is the start of my gap year blog.
Currently I have 3 horses that I ride, 1 of which is Kaja who I have owned for 5 years and together we have competed at various international shows from junior level to senior level. Next on our list is our first senior small tour competition in Roosendaal at the start of December! Kaja is going really well, winning her last PSG and doing her very first Intermedaire 1 both with a great scores last weekend so we are so excited.
Next is Humus who is 5 years old, now qualified for the regionals at elementary level after competing at the summer nationals this year at novice level. I am training him for owner Marleen Smith and he is a delight to ride. He is working medium at home and learns really quickly.
Finally, the last horse I ride is new to Team Vell. Ted is a stunning horse that I am beginning to build a relationship with and already he is working well. He is a gentle giant with a lovely personality and I will be taking him out and about for him to gain experience.
Already, this year I have been modelling in Milan and am due to go to Italy shortly whilst doing some cat walk work next week. I am teaching lessons also in spare time and really love sharing the techniques I have learned over the years.

May 2016
Well so far the season has brought some real ups and downs. New ride Humus who is a 5 year old stallion from owner Marleen Smith is a delight to have around the yard and already I have qualified him in two outings for the Novice regionals.
Santi has returned home. He was a difficult 4 year old and I worked hard to make him rideable for someone back at the owners yard. I risked life and limb at times on him but I learned a lot and its lovely to see him enjoying life at home.
Amazingly Kaja has stepped up to YR ( PSG) and was working well until my first international which is unfortunately at Keysoe - a venue that she has never liked - with stabling that you need to walk down end to end with horses and equipment in the way. For most horses that is fine but she just has her quirks and this is the main one so after 2 days we were allowed to move but the damage was already done as se continued to be tense. At this point we decided to take a step back as she is new to the level and I dont want to push her as she is incredibly physically talented.
As it was a tough decision my friend Erin and her family have been so supportive and kind and offered me the ride on one of Erin's horses Lola. As Santi had left for home it gave me a stable free and I am incredibly grateful to them as this is sometimes a lonely sport where friends become dispensible for some but I am lucky to have some real friends for life who stand by you- thick or thin!!

I am excited for the future but first the small issue of A levels!!

March 2016

So I haven't directly written this blog on my own website for some time mainly as have shared blogs written for H&H and its a really busy time for me. So a quick update ... I am taking my A2 exams this summer and I am then taking a year off.

I really want to pursue some parts of my life that have had to fit around school and have been a stretch of energy and commitment that would be great to focus on. I am going to pursue my modelling and riding for the year without academic commitments and see how far it takes me.

The modelling has never fully launched due to time commitments so I have a chance to commit more to this, having signed in Milan also I can travel back and forth and hopefully out to New York , watch this space !!

At the moment, I am riding 3 horses
Kaja my rising 12 year old PSG/int 1 European team horse ... She is so talented and working at Grand Prix at home. The days she lets me take control she is a world beater and the others are character building.

Santi bred by Georgina Pole-Carew at Tantoni stud and owned by Rebecca Hulme. He is rising 6 and has not been for the faint-hearted. His journey has been slowed by his behaviour to training and life in general and we are just taking our time with him as he is super talented and we are progressing albeit in baby steps rather than giant strides.

Humus is last to arrive from owner and breeder Marleen Smith. He is a rising 5 year old stallion with great cadence and temperament. He learns quickly and is nicely forward going with great conformation and markings. He will be a head turner at shows.

I have been fortunate so far at 18 years old to have ridden 5 stallions, 4 of which have been sent for me to produce from owners. I really appreciate these owners who have gone against the tide of producing abroad or with full-time professional riders as there are benefits for both young riders and owners in doing this. For the young rider they get riding opportunities which they could not always afford themselves that build skills and different tools in their bag for different situations and for owners, their horse receives care and attention in a smaller setting and is often cheaper. It allows owners more choice to choose a rider they think is suited.
Two of the stallions I have ridden at international level, one my own schoolmaster stallion who is now retired to breed at Leamside Stud . Check them out, they run an amazing equestrian centre and are the most genuine people. Homer has one foal from last year and more to come from this year. By working together I also had the opportunity to take the ride of their talented stallion Le Chiffre in my last few months of ponies and as a 6 year-old qualified him and took him to his first international coming third. It was a proud moment for owners Sam and Bev Brown and myself and he took the Dancer medal for that year becoming the first british-bred pony to reach international level. He and another stallion I have ridden are seeking selection for European teams and I am delighted to have been part of their journey.

During my last few years I have been working with some great sponsors and I will blog next time about them, how I have done this and how it has helped in my journey so far but I would like to take opportunity to introduce a new company Apatchy. It is just moving into the equestrian field and they have produced some really tasteful and unique items. Their uniqueness is in the personalisation of all items with patches and letters of your choice and they have made boot bags, GP saddlecloths , grooming bags and much more. Check out their website at they make great gifts.
see my facebook for photos

At my new yard, in celebration of our new indoor arena, I am running a dressage to music clinic with the famous Gaynor Colbourn who makes unique music that is not pieced together but flows through each transition of your test. It is open to all levels and there are still a couple of spaces left for the daytime clinic (Easter holidays). This is open to any standard, any pony or horse and is an enjoyable way to try dressage. You can present the best features of your horse to the judge in a unique way. I will be working to set the floor plans, making them perfect for your horse and Gaynor will complete the music.
We are also doing a demonstration in the evening 7-9pm and have incorporated local partnerships, pony club and European team level horses so something to interest all with home-made refreshments. Book your ticket in advance for a ring-side seat or our large viewing gallery.
7th April 2016 PM or email me to book

So much to say so little time but hopefully after exams I will love the extra space in my life to do the things I love ...

Oct 2015
Wow ... what a year I have had and I am currently just catching up with myself. I am delighted to say that Kaja and I again represented GBR at the European Championships in soaring temperatures of 46 degrees but I improved my team test score by 2% since the last championships. Kaja is improving all the time and even though the heat and multiple insect bites got to her in the individual she is improving all the time and I look forward to the next year at Young rider level.
After the European Championships I moved the horses to a new yard near to my home so that I can give them my individual attention and stay at home rather than be permanently travelling.
I am fortunate to still have the ride on 5 year old Santi who has been difficult but has just settled enough to compete and scored really well at Novice level recently. Now I have a new ride who is an extremely talented stallion at PSG/Int 1 level of training and I am excited to reveal all soon.

May 2015

As promised, here is an update on my trip to Saumur as part of the Nations Cup GB junior dressage team.

We set off in beautiful sunshine on Sunday evening towards Portsmouth for the overnight ferry. Although it is a long ferry journey, it makes the road journey much shorter and we feel that is easier on the horses. Kaja travelled well, merrily eating hay and drinking her full tub of water overnight on the ferry.

We arrived in lovely sunshine to a quiet showground and really enjoyed time to get the stable and equipment out and settled with time to stretch Kaja’s legs with a hand graze.

Next day was again bathed in glorious sunshine and we rode in the morning, hand grazed and then it was into the books for my AS exam revision in the afternoon as the rest of the team were arriving for trot-up the next day.

On the day of trot-up it was still bright and we had high hopes for a sunny Saumur. I rode in the main arena in the morning as I was doing my first test in there. Then I walked Kaja off in the arena I would be competing in after the first day — this was a good chance to let Kaja get used to her surroundings.

It can be very busy on days like this and it has taken a couple of years to really understand my horse, what she copes with, what she likes and what she dislikes. I now consider this in all my preparation for shows. It has taken a while with a sensitive mare like Kaja, but we are getting there.

We have also received a lot of help from Equifeast with tailoring her supplements in a flexible way, which has been tremendously helpful. It all takes time and attention to detail and I was hoping we had got it right for Saumur.

The trot-up was a success for all British riders and then the rain came! When I say rain, I mean torrential, persistent rain.

Team test day in torrential rain

The team test is the only test that counts for the Nations Cup so you have to be ready on day one to be at your best.

The rain was not helpful and all competitors were warming up indoors to avoid the 10 minute arena, which was a little boggy. I know my horse has a great movement and rideability if I can get her to the arena in a calm frame of mind so I took to the wet, outdoor arena to avoid the crowds and go solo!

I had already got up early before competition started at 8am to ride in the indoor arena and do 20 minutes work so I did not have too long to warm up in the pouring rain.

I am delighted that Kaja did the clear round I was hoping for, despite the puddles in the arena and we ended in fourth place in the whole class and had the best British score.

Naturally, I was delighted that the work I had put in in every aspect had paid off. The team came third overall so it was great to be on the podium.

Prize-giving was a wet affair and I laughed at the state of my mum holding my horse with wet through hair and clothing. We had come together with mum as driver, groom, chef and general everything, but we are a good team.

Thankfully we had a day off next day so had the chance to dry everything as much as we could. Due to the driving rain the main arena was abandoned and tests moved indoors for young riders, small and big tour, but sadly juniors and ponies were still fighting the elements.

The individual test was in a pure sand arena which had a splashy surface that felt like a gel sucking at every step of your horse. It was difficult to have the best cadence you can deliver, but I was so happy with a fifth place to make the prize-giving again.

Every prize-giving is an education for my horse. She can get over excited and it’s a worry that she could damage herself, but she was remarkably calm amid the clapping and cheering. I felt like she knew she had done well.

On the last day, the kur was in the afternoon and it was still raining! Kaja had stood up well physically to the elements so far.

We had been rained into our stables everyday, but Saumur gave us free shavings as we had to redo our beds a few times a day to keep them dry. This was exhausting for me and mum, who had now taken to wearing her waterproof trousers at all times.

The kur was in the same waterlogged arena and Kaja was still feeling very enthusiastic. She gave me an energetic ride and I was so delighted to find I had scored a personal best of 72% coming third in the class. This gave us a rapid turnaround of mounted prize-giving and whirlwind pack-up to make a quick dash to catch the ferry in Caen on time.

Exhausted, we arrived home Monday afternoon after dropping Kaja straight into her field at the yard.

There was no time for rest as I had AS exams starting two days later so I had to make up for lost revision time.

To finish a great week off nicely, I returned home to find I had been long-listed for the European team in July, so I am delighted.

Wish me luck in my exams and I will let you know how they went when I am out the other side.


14th October 2014

2nd September 2014

14th August 2014

24th April 2014

24th December 2013

Christmas is coming

Just time for a quick update on progress.
I have just finished school and headed straight to stay on the yard with my trainer, Lucy Cartwright. Kaja is very well, in fact since her second clip perhaps too well . She is bouncing around the outdoor ménage with all the wind and some of the wet weather has prevented turn-out which always makes her hot to handle. I have been attempting to convert this energy into her paces to improve her cadence and expression as I want to aim for more 9's at international level next year as I had a few this year for her half passes but I know she is improving all the time. I am asking her to stay active behind in her trot but holding her to place the energy into elevation . Sometimes she goes with it but sometimes she resists or gets confused and I have to be patient with her. The canter pirouettes are also a work in progress as we both had never done them and she tends to start larger to keep the rhythm so I have to reduce the first couple of strides now without upsetting the regularity;phew, who said dressage was easy !!!

Music demonstration
Whilst I was down in Gloucester I did another music demonstration at Kings Equestrian centre with Gaynor Colbourn and Zoe Sleigh. It was a wild and windy night and Kaja's first trip in the new-to-us lorry. She is a typical trakehner mare in that she notices anything new and different so she took some time playing with the head divides to try and bat them away. The staff at Kings were most welcoming and had hot food service and made all the spectators mulled wine and mince pies . It was a nice start to Christmas and I rode with some sparkle attached to Kaja and myself . She was beautifully behaved and did her international kur test at the end of the demonstration, which had given her and I great placings in international competitions last year . It is linked here.
I was asked a question by the audience " Have you ever had to improvise during your test?" It caused me to remember Saumur last season where I turned the wrong way and had to do my entire test in reverse! I also rode too quickly and had to slot in an extra circle. Stressful at the time, but a podium place certainly contributed to the sense of relief.

Today I have returned home to do one of the things I rarely get chance to do which is partyyyy. My friend Erin Williams , also on squad with me , is having a Christmas party!!! It's so nice to meet up outside riding competitions and training so I will have a lovely time dressing up for a change.

Seasons wishes
I would like to take this opportunity to thank my whole team, parents, trainer, Carl Hester, Sam and Bev Brown, all Kaja's support team on the yard and of course Horse and Hound. I have had a year that surpasses all my dreams and I am grateful for every opportunity I have been given . I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year. May 2014 be the best year yet for us all and our horses.

1st October 2013

“Step up”
My horse Kaja is 9 years old and after this years European Championships I decided to try my very first Advanced and PSG . We are teaching each other as Kaja is not established and I have never done tempis or canter pirouettes before . We have worked hard to maintain rhythm in her work as that will provide a strong basis for the advanced work . Kaja worries in the pirouettes as she sits down well and then wonders what to do next so I have made them a little large to maintain the regular footfall. She loves tempi’s though and can already do a line of 2’s, 3’s, 4’s and even one’s !!
I had fun doing a demonstration for Gaynor Colbourn at unicorn equestrian as Kaja needs to be educated with a crowd and it’s a good opportunity to excite everyone with what she can do !!!
The day arrived for my PSG and I wanted to back out as the weather was predicted to be gale force and driving rain … “why not duck out” I thought no-one would blame me BUT I had set a target for myself and wanted to complete it .
Kaja was amazing , she dislikes the warm-up as she does not like other horses in her space but really concentrated in the test . My mum was screeching the test full volume just in case because of the wind as I suddenly worried about remembering it as the movements come so quickly !!
I won the class with 66.7 % in the advanced 102 and then was HC in PSG as I have to await BD confirmation of my rider status but scored a huge 67.4%. I was thrilled for my first time as there was so much to improve on as well.
I was really motivated to push on with Kaja up the levels as even though I have 2 more years at junior international level ( advanced medium) Kaja was ready to learn and I wanted new goals to press towards.
In between I did a photo shoot in Florence for my sponsors Cavalleria Toscana – I enjoyed every minute !! There were huge crowds watching and taking their photo with me . I have put some behind the scenes shots on my modelling page . It’s a bit overwhelming at times as I am fairly quiet but I am getting used to the performance aspects of the job – similar to dressage at times 

30th August 2013

Peanut makes his international debut

After the Europeans, I didn’t have much time before I was on my way to Hickstead CDI with Peanut (Le Chiffre). This is his first competitive season at FEI level, as he’s only 6, so we were very excited to be selected.

We decided to arrive early (Monday night) to give him the best chance of settling into the venue and getting used to the arenas as he has never been to such a big competition before.

As you can imagine, the trot-up on Wednesday was quite exciting (!). I had a hard job keeping up with him, but we were accepted, so could then prepare to compete.

We had an interesting first day of competition in the team test. Peanut was very well behaved and I was pleased with how far he had come on from the last Premier League he did. Unfortunately the judges couldn’t agree on his test so there was a 7% difference in the scores, but that’s dressage for you! We still finished 6th so we got to show off in the prize giving, which he enjoyed. Now that he has competed at an international, Peanut had been made an elite stallion which is a big achievement in itself at just 6 years old.

The individual test went very well, despite a few baby mistakes, but I was very pleased. We scored an amazing 67%, finished 3rd and qualified for the freestyle! This meant we were in the prize giving and got a bunch of sunflowers, which Peanut was most interested in eating, plus some lovely samples from class sponsor NAF.

During some down time we visited my sponsor’s stand at the Royal International Horse Show on the opposite side of Hickstead to find huge photographs of me on the stand to promote Cavalleria Toscana. WOW, they were big!

On the final day of competition, Peanut got to compete in the big international arena, which was a big ask for a 6 year old, but he did us proud. He was a bit nervous around the edge, but after some reassurance he went into the arena and did his best. He broke into canter in the trot half pass, but we pulled off the 8m circle in counter canter for a score of 68% and 5th place.

Peanut had been amazing throughout the week, scoring highly to get into all 3 prize givings. This is only the beginning for him and I feel so lucky to have started his international career. His owners watched the whole 3 days and they were delighted with him. He is the first ever SPSS British-bred stallion to reach an international competition.

A few days after returned from Hickstead, we headed off to Mount Ballan regionals. We underestimated how far Peanut would improve, so we had qualified for the novice class! Peanut was still very tired from Hickstead and we were in an arena where there was lots going on. He resisted entering and produced an interesting centre line attempt eventually. Unfortunately the test didn’t hold his attention, so we made a quite a few mistakes, but we still finished 9th out of 30.

19th July 2013

I've just got back from an amazing time at the European Championships. It was a fabulous experience and I loved every minute of it, well almost every minute!! It was difficult to see your horse off into the transport – all GB horses travel together and Kaja was first on , but last off !!! Thankfully the trip Dover to Compiegne was only about 5 hours.
The venue was great apart from the 10 minute walk from the stables to the arena so you really couldn't forget anything you needed.and after walking it over 3 times a day it felt longer each day !
One of the highlights was definitely the opening ceremony. We all got to dress up in our GBR Union Jack jackets and meet all the other teams, parading in the courtyard of the Imperial Palace- a huge honour.
Throughout the whole week the weather was hot but of course as soon as we leave England it decides to be 30 degrees! It meant lots of pink faces in the tests.
We had a great team of Georgia Davies called up from reserve position with 24 hours notice ( WOW ) , Maisie Scruton , Charlotte Fry and myself who were friends from pony international days. With the help of Carl Hester in the warm up , big boost to the team, we thought we could be good enough for a medal but unfortunately we didn't because of the unpredictability of the horses on the day . The atmosphere was much greater than Kaja, my horse, had experienced before as even though we had competed and won the National Dressage Championships at Stoneleigh it was the whooping and screaming for team members that had just finished tests whilst I was in 10 minute box that caused Kaja to become really frightened. Rearing and throwing herself around the arena that 10 minutes seemed to last forever. I did all I could to settle her stagefright in the test and came a couple of percent short of my expectation sadly 66% when I hoped for 68% at least. I know she has much more to give at the age of 9 with her first year of internationals and first ever Europeans for both of us. The atmostphere also got to one of our top horses in our team which came 7th in the Europeans last year but sadly became our drop score , so a medal was not to be !!On reflection, given the moments before my test it was a good score. It was more positive for the quietier, less forward going horses but not so much for the hotter ones. However it could have been a lot worse as I was not sure she would even get in the arena !!! It was fabulous to see my friend , Lottie do so well so we could all share in her success.
In the individual test it was much the same, excepting I went for more harmony but less expression to give Kaja a positive experience after her total stagefright. I did not go into the 10 min box at all to keep her more settled. Kaja wasn't quite herself as she was still terrified and would not really do the walk tour! She learns quickly though and as she is only 9 she will mature given time and we can build on this for the future.
The young rider team of Pippa Hutton, Olivia Oakeley , Samantha Thurman-Baker and Amy Woodhead were great to be around and on hand for advice and support but suffered a similar fate of highs and lows.
The team is supported by Toggi, Classic Dressage , World Class and an individual benefactor and we are so grateful to them all.
The trip was great fun. It was great to cheer on your team mates and fly the British flag. The entertainment for the whole trip was making helium videos with the team which made everyone laugh.
Overall the standard was very high which was great to see and learn from and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to experience such a great atmosphere that I will never forget.

3rd July 2013

WOW so busy where do i start !!
Had fab pre-europeans camp with Stephen Clark training us . Kaja was tired from Compiegne but perhaps that helped as scored 71.75% in team test :)
Came home then to let Kaja chill a bit with turnout , massage and stretching so as not to wear her out. Meanwhile we had team building psychology day which was really useful and got a chance to meet up with squad friends again for the day.
Then the next 2 weekends were filled with local competitions to complete qualification for Peanut( le Chiffre ) for summer regionals. He has settled so well and always does fabulous tests now but with differing results - a little frustrating and it went to the wire on sunday 30th June gaining 70.35% to secure qualification. Was so thrilled as he is so talented and really deserves it.

Last week I was thrilled to hear from SportsAid to tell me i had been accepted on their program and some extra funding was enclosed . This was an honour and also a real help as has been such an expensive year.

Now in last few days training with Kaja and about to set off to Compiegne for the Europeans. Excitement is mounting as well as the packing mounting.... can't wait now !! We take Kaja to Dover and Parkers transport all the horses with Andre, Team Vet and we follow in the Team GBR Landrovers with Anne Keen our Chef d'equipe.

Another exciting email today was a nomination for peanut and I for Hickstead International in August. I am so proud of him and really pleased to finish off my last year in ponies in style. Thanks to selectors, BD and the owners Sam and Bev Brown.
Well will have busy last few days so will tell all when I return hopefully with a medal !!

5th June 2013

WOW this week had a call from the GB junior selectors to say I have made it into the Junior team for the European Championships this year . I am so thrilled :)

I was in bed after a late return from Compiegne CDI. It had been a tense show as it was the last one before selection and strong competition. We tried to get to the venue early but they had an event on and so could only arrive day before Vet inspection again !!
It was a lovely show and I was pleased with Kaja . I kicked on a little too hard in first test as I was "going for it" and had early break in extended trot and a lively hot walk to follow but I have learnt my boundaries now and the second day thought it was much better. I was placed 8th both days out of 24 and was happy with that although I know we could have gone better. Taking plaits out and letting my black beauty roll was a learning curve as I held 8th place from half way through the class and it meant a hurried tack up for prize-giving with help from Julie Todd and Rebecca Bell and of course my mum.
The next day the kur was super I actually timed it correctly and i think Kaja now loves the music. We came 4th and it was a lovely way to finish the show .

Before Compiegne I had been to Somerford Premier league to see old NW BYRDS friends and have a run through of the team test. We came 4th and was happy with the test. I discussed it with Islay Auty, the chief selector, and she was very encouraging.

Oh well, now its time to build the team spirit and our tests to be the absolute best they can be . We have team camp this weekend with help from Stephen Clark ... life just cannot get any better .... will keep you posted

14th May 2013

Sensational Saumur !!!!

Firstly an update on Keysoe premier league, it was the 8th test at any level at BD for Peanut ( Le Chiffre) and I was keen for him to make a very positive start at FEI ( medium level) in the pony test . I rode him a little in the morning to settle his exhuberance at being at a big show and then climbed aboard for the warm-up to the test . He was so well behaved around horses and mares particularly as he is a rising 6 year old serving stallion.
The test went so well , he is still green in some movements and needs to be stronger yet physically but we had a clear round !! The judges differed in their opinion somewhat but we ended up 3rd in the class – I was so thrilled with this on his debut at the level . The owners travelled an 8 hour round trip to watch him and there were tears of joy all round !!

I started this blog on my return back from Saumur as I was so excited to tell you all the news. We arrived to a rainy welcome but Kaja settled well from the journey. The vetting was successful for all the British seniors and younger riders – always a big relief! It was fantastic to walk around such an amazing site with the Cadre Noir training their horses and our Grand Prix Olympic superstars, Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin riding right in front of you.
The team test day arrived; my first time competing in the Nations Cup as part of the Junior Team with team-mates Gabrielle Lucas, Charlotte Fry and Georgia Davis . I have to say I was looking forward to the test but my horse Kaja was looking forward to it even more! I rode a careful test but was immediately disappointed with myself as I left the arena; I was too controlled, but had managed to score 66.5%. All we could do now was watch and wait while Selectors and Chef d’Equipes were busy number-crunching all the scores. With the last Belgian rider to go we were in gold medal position and when the score of 66.0% came through we realised we had just won the Junior Nations Cup for the first time ever! We knew we had it in us, but you still have to perform on the day so we were ecstatic!!!
On tacking up Kaja for the mounted prize giving we found she had a loose right hind shoe, fortunately my friend Shay removed it so we could be part of prize-giving. To stand on the podium, hear the National anthem being played and see the Union flag being raised was a moment I will never forget.
The next day was a day off from competition so the fantastic on-site farriers at Saumur re-fitted Kaja’s shoe first thing. We were then excited to watch the Grand Prix and our idols Carl and Charlotte winning their classes and some fantastic rides from Nicki Crisp and Gareth Hughes. Add to this my friends on the pony team also winning their Nation’s Cup competition, you can imagine, Team GB was buzzing!!
By now the sunshine was with us bringing soaring temperatures and the individual test was next. I had determined to be more positive and aim to win and was thrilled to take the lead at the half-way stage with 69.4%. I ended the class in 3rd place by a very small margin and had learnt a lot from a new approach to my test riding.
Last day was the Kur. We both felt a little tired as it was first thing in the morning on the final day of a busy week. Part way through I realised I was moving ahead of my music, a mistake I had made at Addington CDI . This time I managed to adapt some movements in order to make sure my transitions were in time with the music so was delighted to get a score of 71.15% and make the podium in 3rd place behind the French and Belgian riders. What an amazing show, three podium places, but a week of sun and not one ice cream for sale – you wouldn’t get that in England!

Check out new photos in Gallery

19th April 2013

Busy busy busy ...

Just a super quick update I have been offered support from Italian clothing company Cavalleria Toscana !!! They make really elegant equestrian clothing and I did a photo shoot with some examples of the clothing. We had a great day with Four Seasons Equestrian in Essex with Natasha on hair and make-up , Chloe Bowman photography and Brad everything else !! They are making me a short jacket and tailcoat made to measure which is amazing as I find them very hard to find in the right size.
I then took both the stallions to a local show which unfortunately had few competitors so this hampered out warm up time. It was a learning curve as Peanut did not settle so well when Charm got off the lorry and then we did not have much time to settle him in the warm-up. Charm had the best deal going first in his first elementary tests and first affiliated dressage show. He looked so gorgeous all plaited up and performed like a professsional with 68.4% and 66.0% ( oops when mum got lost in the reading of test E49). Then came Peanuts turn - we abandoned the elementary due to short time for warm up and did the medium ( his second ever) and I was thrilled with 64.1% after having him for 2 weeks it is a great start !!!
The next day we went to the BD National Championships with Kaja in the Advanced Medium freestyle. I had made some mistakes in following the music at Addington so was keen to get it spot on. Then Kaja had stage fright in the indoor arena again at Hartpury and it all fell apart !!! Never mind I really enjoyed it and was proud to have made it to the Nationals again . Perhaps , we might give the Winters a miss in future !!
Off from there to Arena UK - BHS convention - had a great day with Matt Frost and Darryl Thickett in our matching outfits !!! Kaja was perfectly behaved and demonstrated some beautiful lateral work and changes for the participants of the convention. As she was settled we got to work on increasing the expression in the movements.

I am so lucky to have been contacted by Horse and Hound and asked to be a new blogger on their new website. I feel really honoured and have done my best to correct my grammar and hopefully write things about my training and competing that people will find interesting or useful.

Then back to school - I had been given a day off for the convention.
Kaja back to rest in the field and Marnie visits next week to give her a lovely massage. Over to Carl Hester's for a lesson at the weekend too. Then in 1 week will be at Keysoe with Peanut then off to Saumur CDI with Kaja.

I'll post when I get back xxx

4th April 2013

Wow what an easter !
Leaving school to go straight to Lucy's to train for Addington International. Whilst doing that Charm arrived back from stud and I had a new arrival. A lovely rising 6 year old stallion called Le Chiffre or Peanut to all , he belongs to Bev and Sam Brown and I am delighted to train and compete him for them and take him to his first FEI pony tests. Thanks to the Browns for this opportunity.
I left for Addington a week later as we had to arrive on trot up day due to the enhanced biosecurity for the show. We were vetted on arrival and a vet presence was seen throughout the show ... it was organised so well and was very reassuring.
My plan was to ride safe and correct tests to show the selectors that Kaja was going really well and hopefully not as hot as at Keysoe.I was drawn to go in first in team test so I wanted to do a solid test to start the competition for GBR . I am delighted to say it went to plan , Kaja was amazing and i got great scores and placings even despite me making a musical error in kur! I was so pleased with her throughout the show and it gave us a solid base to work in the expression in the coming shows. Particularly pleased to get lots of 8's for my entry and closing halts - nice way to start and finish.

I have been to London to shoot for main beauty for Bliss Magazine and several castings returning to ride in the same day and have 2 further shoots before going back to school, which i cannot reveal at the moment but watch this space as I am hoping to combine the two - modelling and riding.

Now I have returned home for a couple of days rest before heading back to train for the BD Winter Nationals on Sunday 14th - please come and say hello if you are there. Also aiming to take Peanut to Keysoe Premier League for his first pony test.
On top of this I am honoured to have been asked to be a demonstrator at the BHS convention which is being held at Arena UK with another idol of mine Stephen Clark , International Judge and FEI Dressage Judge General. Wow I cannot wait for his tips on training.

There are several other opportunities about to be revealed so stay in touch and soon I will reveal all x

19th March 2013

Lots to update !!
Charm and I competed at U21 championships. He has not been out before at age 5 and certainly prefers indoors at this stage. He was a clever boy and won both open novice classes with 67.5% and 70% taking the Championshipnd winning a lovely rug . Thanks to Carol Hogg and U21 dressage for this amazing event and continued support.
Then we went to Kingswood to do an evening display riding Charm first at 8pm and he was a little show off displaying his improving lateral work and some medium trot work. Then Kaja came on at 9.30pm . She was soo well behaved and enjoyed the music and the audience participation showing off her passage and 2 tempis and did 7 one tempis as well. To see footage see my Chloe vell international fb page as they are posted on there.
Then Charm went to stud for 2 weeks and we travelled on the excel talent training. I had great feedback and 2 great lessons with Emile Faurie, one of which our Junior selector Islay Auty came to watch . Thanks so much to David Hamer and all at BEF for the opportunity.
After 2 days rest and stretching we set off to Keysoe U25 HP show which was the first actual competition of the year as Addngton HP was cancelled. I wanted to get Kaja in the right frame of mind as we had only really done test riding at squad. She was a bit excited at the busy warm-up arenas and lots of tiny ponies and was so hot in the test we made some errors , 5 or 6 to be exact so imagine my delight at coming 4th with 66.9%. We needed to work hard the next day on her focus despite the challenges the warm up brought as I wanted to take her home after the kur as I felt she had worked hard all week. We still had some hot moments but Iwas delighted to steer her into first place with some music created by Gaynor Colbourn at the display.
We were exhausted and came home to give Kaja a well earned break in the field.
Next day I was delighted to be selected for Addington CDI , the first international of the year and will be working carefully towards that. Wow ... what a week !!!

Also have some exciting news coming soon ... cannot say yet but WATCH THIS SPACE !!!!!

1st March 2013

If you are reading this the website is now live!!! I am looking forward to keeping in touch. The next few weeks are exciting with U21 championships this Sunday and Charm will be making his debut on English soil. The following weekend I am doing an evening music display at the invitation of Gaynor Colbourne. It is at Kingswood Equestrian Centre at 7.30pm on Sunday 10th March. Kaja and Charm will both benefit from the experience of live music !!It would be lovely to see you !! There are some great riders also taking part.
On from there directly to Excel Talent training - I will let you know how it goes as well as Keysoe U25 PL which is at the end of that week. Exciting ...