Grand Prix Local shows 65% 65.9%
Inter 2 67%
Youngsters over 70% at Novice and elementary
clients show jumping horses winning at dressage competitions with 70%+


Consistent placings at Premier Leagues at PSG level on Ted whilst studying at the University of Nottingham

Competed at Hickstead CDI for U21 Great Britain and had top 10 placings every day

Kaja has had her first foal by Denver LG!


Ted improving all the time from no flying changes to a score of 69.44% at Adv 102 in 6 months

Humus scoring over 70% at elementary

HUMUS National championships Novice 65%
NorthWest regional champions at Novice 71.75%
Kaja did senior small tour at Roosendaal


European Championships
Team test 67.8%

Saumur CDI 3rd In junior team test 67.8%
4th in Jun Ind
3rd in Kur 72%
Best British rider in Saumur

Addington CDI March top 5 placings in all junior classes

Newton Feronia 80.2% prelim Q
Tantoni Santorini 78.0 % prelim
Newton Feronia 5th International 4 yr old Hartpury PL 76.6%March
Kaja Addington CDIJ 3rd jun team 70.2%
3rd in junKur 71.8%

Allens Hill PSG 68.5%
Abbey dressage PSG 67.5%
qualified for summer regionals at PSG


Abbey dressage 15th Sept 2013
KAJA adv 102 66.7%
PSG 67.4%

Hickstead CDI Le Chiffre pony team 63.9% 6th
( 6yr old pony stallion) pony ind 67.3% 3rd
pony kur 68.0% 5th

JUNIOR EUROPEANS jun team 65.95%
Jun ind 65.5 %

Compeigne CDI jun team 66.9% 8th
Jun ind 66.6% 8th
Kur 71.75% 4th
Abbey dressage LE CHIFFRE Novice open 73.0% 1st

Addington PL LE CHIFFRE PFEI TEAM 65.7% 4th

SAUMUR CDIO Jun team test 66.5% 7th
Jun Ind test 69.47% 3rd
Junior kur final 71.15% 3rd


Keysoe PL LE CHIFFRE PFEI TEAM 64.9% 3rd

Addington CDI Jnr team test 67.3% 11th
Jnr Ind test 68.4% 6th
Jnr Kur 69.9% 10th

Keysoe U25 Premier league Jnr Team 66.9% 4th
Jnr kur 71.3% 1st

5th ADM freestyle (open) 71.5%


National Champion Advanced Medium Restricted

Regional champion Advanced Medium Restricted

Biarritz CDI Jnr team 69.16% 2nd

Swallowfield AM freestyle 76.33%

Addington Premier League Jnr team test 68.24% 2nd

Keysoe U25 Premier league Jnr team test 64.26% 8th
Jnr Ind test 67.76% 1st


Addington HP PONY team test 71.39% 1st

Myerscough PL PONY team test 66.67% 4th

Keysoe PL PTT 65.14% 12th
PIT 66.18% 4th

Addington CDI PTT 64.72% 14th
PIT 65.13% 17th

Roosendaal CDI PTT 68.06% 7th
PIT 66.45% 9th

Addington PL PTT 68.19% 2nd Tymo
PIT 67.63% 1st Tymo

Somerford PL PTT 69.17% 1st Danger 36
PTT 66.53% 4th Tymo
PIT 69.47% 1st Danger 36
PIT 66.58% 2nd Tymo


Sheepgate U25 champs reserve FEI champion

Pompadour CDI PTT 62.67% 17th
PIT 63.68% 16th


Sheepgate U25 champs Pony derby champion
Gunnerby gallivanter trophy best
novice pony

Home International fledgling Champion